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Galaxy Note 10 Lite costs less than Galaxy Note 10


Most likely this cheap Galaxy Note 10 version will be launched in the near future in Europe with 2 main colors: red and black.

While it's still unclear about the configuration or price of the new device, it seems that Samsung has decided on the name of this device to be called the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Based on the fact that they are pushing for the Galaxy Note 10, it is likely that the device will launch in the coming months.


Although the Galaxy Note series is Samsung is most premium device of the year, its expensive price makes it decided to split into two devices this year. With some differences in looks and prices between the two devices, it's clear that the move is to make it more accessible to a wider range of customers. However, it's hard to say that the $950 price of the Galaxy Note 10 is affordable.

Perhaps that is why a more affordable device is coming soon. According to sources, Samsung is developing a device version with the code name SM-N770F. It will be for the European market with at least two color options, red and black. According to SamMobile's source, this upcoming device will be called Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

However, it is unclear how its configuration can lower prices without damaging the high-end brand of Galaxy Note. But it is almost certain that the famous S Pen of this lineup will still be present on it.

One thing worth noting in the name of the new device is that it is not called the Galaxy Note 10E, like the Galaxy S10E that debuted earlier this year. The Galaxy S10E has the same configuration as the Galaxy S10 but has a smaller screen. The new device called Galaxy Note 10 Lite shows that it will have a more limited configuration than the standard versions currently present.

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