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The Galaxy S11 will have a crazy feature no smartphone has ever had


It is still about 3 months before the Galaxy S11 is announced, but the first rumors have surfaced.

Samsung's next flagship phone will have a better camera system, with a 108-megapixel lens that supports 5x optical zoom. In addition, Samsung may be developing a series of new technologies to equip the next generation of the famous Galaxy S series - features that its main rivals, including Apple, do not have. And one of them is a new, somewhat crazy camera system that can detect the sugar content of fruit, know if you're drinking enough water, and many other things.


Specifically, a new Samsung patent called "Electronic device including several light sources" (an electronic device that includes multiple light sources) describes a smartphone with an infrared spectrum cluster on the back. This cluster will allow the phone to shoot electromagnetic waves towards the object, including infrared (IR) and visible light, and the beam will, after touching the object, send a signal back. to the spectrum. A special chip analyzes the data and identifies many features of the object mentioned above, including humidity, sugar content, and even heart rate.


Not only that, this technology can also be used to measure the concentration of CO2 or glucose in the blood, and can even detect smoke. Samsung can also take advantage of it to introduce its own Face ID feature. This is a prediction based on the content of the patent only. And there's no guarantee that infrared emission clusters will appear on the next-generation Galaxy S.

The above patent is registered on March 20, 2019, both at the US Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Office. Below is a concept image of the Galaxy S11 if it has a complex camera system of 5 lenses, with a periscope lens for better zoom, as well as an integrated spectrometer - what a messy camera cluster!


If the Galaxy S11 really has a built-in spectrophotometer, and assuming no smartphone manufacturer can "skimp" on Samsung, the S11 could be the first mass-market flagship model to take advantage of this advanced component. . The Galaxy S11 may debut sometime in February next year, most likely right before the MWC 2020 event later that month.

Download Samsung Galaxy S11 Wallpaper