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Why does Mi Mix Alpha look so similar to Xiaomi folding screen phone


Mi Mix Alpha is a phone unlike any other smartphone available on the market so far.

Xiaomi launched a beautiful smartphone yesterday, the Mi Mix Alpha with a screen that wraps around the body, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of up to 180%. The phone is unlike any other smartphone we've seen before, bringing the full-screen design that the entire mobile industry is pursuing so close to reality.

But when you look closely, you will probably notice that the Mi Mix Alpha resembles Xiaomi folding screen phone model with an oddly folded design on both sides. That's right, when Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin finally revealed why there is such similarity between the two devices.



Lin Bin said that the Mi Mix Alpha and Xiaomi folding phone (teased earlier this year) were in fact developed in tandem. Both projects use internal codes in the same product line, which are mutually developed, but by this time, Chinese companies have only been able to overcome the technical challenges facing each other. with the Mi Mix Alpha project, allowing them to conduct pilot production on a small scale.

That's quite reasonable, as Mi Mix Alpha looks like a permanent foldable version of the folding screen phone Xiaomi revealed in March. Lin Bin is comment also confirmed that the company is still developing the screen design. the picture is folded to the sides. We don't know when Xiaomi will officially launch this device, but considering that they have succeeded when bringing the Mix Alpha concept to life, the folding screen phone may not be too far away.

However, both the Galaxy Fold and Mate X - the two folding phones from the two largest companies on the market - have encountered technical issues before their launch. Xiaomi concept of folding to the sides looks attractive, but it's even harder to implement than the one-sided design that Samsung and Huawei use. So even though it's not too far-fetched, Xiaomi's foldable phone will soon be a reality.

The Galaxy Fold is currently on sale in South Korea and will go on sale in the US next week, sold in India on October 1. The Mate X will also hit shelves in October, in China. With more and more advanced technology for mass production, we can expect to see better folding screens in the next few years. And Xiaomi phone could be one of those designs, with a more compact and practical size than today's devices.